Have you ever been at a crossroads in life and didn’t know in which direction to go? Or has life appeared so dark and bleak that you couldn’t find the light?  Well, I’ve been there and it’s not a good feeling. You are left feeling depressed, confused and frightened.

If you are at such a point in your life, hold on because help is available to you.  My new book,Why Did it Happen To Me, is filled with the lessons that I’ve learned that have allowed me to find peace and happiness in the midst of storms.  Let me share a few with you.

The world in which we live can seem diabolical and evil, like it has become a battlefield of darkness. Such conditions render us vulnerable to life’s misfortunes and for some people, living becomes a burden. For some other people, right appears wrong and wrong appears right.  Life can be a bit confusing especially in a world that prides itself over material possessions.

But regardless of our age, gender or social status we must make wise choices in life. True success begins with how we see ourselves because that’s how we will see others. Each human being is special and worthy of respect, even the one that is least thought of. No one is too lost to be found and no one is beyond grace, mercy and salvation.

There’s always light in the midst of darkness.  As a matter of fact, all life stems out of darkness and so do all blessings. So darkness may not be a bad thing and it is all about our attitude toward it when things aren’t so bright.  It isn’t necessarily the darkness that hinders our progress. However, it is during the times of darkness that our faith and integrity is susceptible to evil and compromising thoughts.  Each time we fall prey to those negative thoughts it can lead to a course of action that bears a heavy consequence.

Dear friends, know that storms don’t last forever.  Just as there’s a winter, there’s also a spring. So perseverance and patience become integral elements to success. Please know that we are all proven winners – our birth into the world is the evidence.
I would like to leave you with this thought. During the act of our creation there were over 100 million sperm that began the race for life.  The environment was hostile because there were millions of casualties along the way.  It was an arduous journey that required strength, patience, determination and perseverance. All had one goal, one aim and one mission: To get to the egg first. But there was no giving up, no time to be weary.  And there wasn’t help but from you and God.  There was just faith and the one with the greatest faith was the one who made it and, thus, there was our creation.  We made it then in the darkness of the womb and we can also make it in the darkness of life.  All we need, my friends, is faith.

Good luck and may God bless you all!