Finding Your Life’s Purpose

“I can’t do it.”

If you’ve ever said those words – you’ve got to listen to this podcast.

My guest, Elgin Davis, grew up in poverty and chaos, but somehow never lost sight of his dream to play professional football. Elgin tells us how he never used his circumstances as an excuse to stop dreaming and working hard, and takes us on the inspiring mental path that led him to become a NFL running back with the New England Patriots.


Elgin Davis played with the New England Patriots in 1987 and 1988. He was an outstanding running back at the University of Central Florida and was one of the first two players to be drafted from UCF to play in the pros. He grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and now resides in the Orlando, Florida area.

Elgin has recently written his first book titled “Why Did It Happen To Me.” The book is an entertaining and poignant look at his life and has an inspirational message that readers of all ages can relate to, and learn from.

Elgin is the proud father of two daughters and works in real estate.