“Many nights, mom was late picking me up and I’d sit in a corner and weep until I heard J’s comforting voice say, “Don’t cry, it’s alright your momma’s coming.”  I loved my mother with all my heart.  Often I waited in front of the gate hoping to catch a glimpse of her.  When she arrived, I ran quickly and jumped into her arms.”

Daily living can be full of challenges – difficult emotional and economic times, relationships and families in turmoil, and more.  Elgin’s message of having a positive attitude in the face of these challenges is helpful to people of all ages and backgrounds.

No one made me feel more secure and loved than my mom.  So this is my Mother’s Day message, a special segment as a tribute to you and to my mother, Azalene James.

There isn’t a greater treasure that can be found in the depths of the sea or in the heavens above that can truly reflect the unique beauty of a mother, even the mother who considers herself to be the least of all.  Every mother is ornate and represents God’s most perfect act of his creation.  With the unique quality to love unconditionally, your heart and womb is used by God as a laboratory to procreate life and manifest his attributes.  You are the hope for humanity and that makes you very special in the eyes of our Creator.

With so many superlatives, it is a wonder that, too often, women have been devalued and rejected as having less worth.  Few have suffered at the hands of injustice more than women and none more so than mothers. This has sometimes resulted in an array of self-destructive behaviors that stem from self hate, including emotional disorders that have made women easy prey for men that view them only as an object of pleasure.  There are few females who haven’t been dehumanized by a man and, unfortunately, many have been victimized by male members of their own family, crippling the image of any man that a woman may meet in the future.  This leads to many of the unhealthy relationships that we see today.

Ladies, a man should never be more acquainted with your body than your mind, spirit, and soul because that’s where your true beauty lies. By nature there is no “no good” woman, regardless of color or race.  Every woman is beautiful and you must never allow anyone to reduce you to someone that is inconsequential to the scheme of God’s plan of salvation because in you are the keys to heaven on earth.  It is through you, as a mother, that each of our gifts is nurtured. It’s through you that salvation will come.

Men have a responsibility towards women in general, starting with conduct and lifestyle, and especially while she is carrying one’s seed.  No man can be truly successful without the loving and nurturing qualities of a woman, and should not allow pride and arrogance to blind them from the role that women can offer.  Even the divinity of Jesus, who was destined to be Lord and Savior of all, was first placed into the loving care of his mother Mary.  If a woman can nurture our Savior then what other man can’t be nurtured and taught by a woman.  We all can!

In closing, dear mothers, please know that your pain has not gone in vain and God will answer in his due diligence.  You must not become weak or weary, nor compromise your standards of integrity.  Stand strong, we need you.  The world is angry and we need your love and mercy.  The world is lost, we need your guidance.  The world is dark we need your enlightenment.  The world needs its mother.

I tribute my success as a man to the loving qualities of my mother who taught me the Godly values and principles of life, and I am eternally grateful to God for blessing me with the greatest mother that anyone could have.
In my book, Why Did It Happen To Me, I share those beautiful values that mom taught me and maybe they can be a blessing to you also.
I’m truly blessed to have a wonderful mother and so are you.  Honor and respect not only your own mother, but all mothers.  Together we can find Peace and Happiness.