Disney was beautiful that night.  The castle was lit up;there must have been a million lights.  Then came theMain Street electrical parade.  I looked at dad as he ate and watched the characters in the parade go by singing these words, “This is the time, this is the place, this is the best time of your life!”  Those characters left an everlasting impression on us.  Sometimes I find myself singing that same song today; it really was the best time of our lives!  Sharing time with dad gave me something I would never be able to repay.”

I dedicate this Father’s Day message to my father, Fred Davis, and to all fathers everywhere. 

There is no greater honor that a man can have than to be called a father. However being called such a noble name doesn’t mean that we are worthy of such honor.  A true father must be first connected to father God and everything else will fall in its proper order.  A true father must guide with wisdom and justice to properly execute God’s will.  Such presence in a man commands respect and honor, starting in the home and extending outward.  No man can accomplish true success without God’s help.

Each man has the potential to be great and accomplish whatever he envisions, but it’s not easy because the responsibility that God has placed on every man is a tremendous burden.  The responsibility of a healthy nation rests on the shoulders of every good man, and without His help we are doomed to failure.  Without God, any man can become a womanizer or an unfaithful companion; without God it’s easy to become a liar, thief, or robber.  Without God it’s easy to make war and shed the blood of the poor, or become a corrupt judge, lawyer, police officer or politician.  Being a true father encompasses every field of human endeavor, and it is a divine responsibility.  That’s why our relationship with God is so critical; it is the difference between life and death.

Yesterday as I was walking I noticed a bouquet of wildflowers.  They had all blossomed except one that was nestled tightly within its cocoon; wrapped inside lay its true beauty.  Suddenly this spiritual thought came to my mind:  Every man is like a germinated seed with the potential to blossom and become great.  But God is always working on us in private, where no one but you and God can really see what is going on.   As a matter of fact, that is where all personal relationships with Him begin, in the darkness of our lives.  Especially when it appears that the best of life has passed us by.  Dark thoughts can rob a man of his dignity, pride, and confidence, rendering him depressed and hopeless, especially in a world that demands so much from him.   But there is hope and through God all things are possible.

In my book, Why Did It Happen to Me, I share many negative thoughts that you may feel.  When I lost my NFL career, marriage, finances, and best friend, I felt adrift and confused.  It appeared as though I was unaccomplished and less than a man.  But I also share how God’s compassion, love and mercy allowed me to have self value and purpose and it started me on the road to recovery.  However, in order for my true potential to blossom I had to immerse myself in a positive environment that stimulated my growth.  Just like that seed which has to be placed into fertile soil full of the essential minerals that are conducive to its growth.

So it is with each man.  We must place our mind in a position where it can grow and nothing can help us grow more than love, faith, hope, and positive thinking.  When you do, your gifts will begin to blossom and what God did for each seed, he will also do for you – make you a beautiful reflection of his creation.  But if you are surrounded by envy, jealousy, hatred, and negative thinking you will never blossom and become the man and father that you are capable of becoming.  Your gifts will remain nestled and wrapped within your own cocoon.

So fathers, it is our season to blossom and become the men that God would have us be.  So let’s start today; God’s grace is sufficient.  Good luck fathers, let’s pour our blessings down as rain so that those that we love can prosper and grow.  That is the true value of a father.  Everything around us prospers and grows.