At an early age, Elgin Davis learned life principles through strong family spiritual beliefs and humble roots. Quickly, Elgin established himself as a leader, and his tenacity on the football field earned him recognition as one of Florida’s top football prospects after high school. He attended the University of Central Florida on a full athletic scholarship, made Dean’s List and was voted Captain of the football team. He completed UCF with nearly all the school’s career rushing records.

In 1987, the New England Patriots drafted Elgin Davis into the NFL, and he became the second player ever drafted from UCF. There, he played two seasons before signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and later the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. He sustained a number of injuries, but never abandoned his home training or desire to excel.

He ended his career with the London Monarchs of the World Football League. Along the way, he married and has two beautiful daughters. He showered his parents with gifts and personal attention, but mourned the death of his father and a dear colleague who played football with him. Elgin answered the call to ministry, and worked diligently within his community to help correct many political and social ills that affect society.

Elgin Davis was inducted into the University of Central Florida Hall of Fame in 2010. Today, he resides in Orlando, FL and works in real estate. He’s author of WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME? Additionally, he is working on a second book and is a popular motivational speaker.


Why Did It Happen To Me?

Elgin Davis


Author Elgin Davis writes a compelling story of his rise from a talented street kid to a prominent National Football League player. He details how strenuous the preparation, how grueling the practices, and how competitive the sport is when “you’re only as valuable as your last great game performance.”

This book is so much more than an account of a young African-American’s ups and downs, victories and debilitating injuries surrounding a short-lived professional football career. It is the story of one boy’s journey into manhood, as he overcomes deeply personal pain from family dysfunction, while never losing faith and confidence in his mother and father. His descriptions of “family business” are poignant and hopeful at the same time.

Beyond telling a story of football fame and living on the edge of poverty, Elgin Davis clearly reveals his love for God and his faith walk throughout his entire life. He experienced marital bliss and marital discord, but through it all, God sustained them both and their two beautiful daughters. He became a follower of Islam during a period in his life when he sought the meaning and purpose for his existence. He formed a special bond with a colleague and friend, who senselessly lost his life to violence.

There is an underlying commentary about the way athletes are treated when they are thought of as “money machines” and nothing more. Injuries are a part of sports, but when large sums of money and profit are involved, those injuries are treated with placebos to disguise pain and keep the athletes on the football field, making money for those who don’t risk their personal health to earn a living.

Elgin Davis dared ask his Creator, “Why did it happen to me?” By the end of the book, Elgin Davis answers the question posed in the title of his book. Readers will be drawn into his world, from the first page to the last. They will be inspired by the answer God gave this talented author and role model to everyone who knows him.

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