It’s been several years since daddy passed.  But I thank God everyday for the gift of life and my unique experiences, starting with my parents whom God chose to introduce me to life.  Therefore I will always be in debt to God for his grace, mercy, and love.  God has proven to me that he’d never abandon me, and I’m learning how to love him more.  For anyone who may be facing a struggle in their life, know that storms don’t last forever.  If you will trust in God and resist the temptation that comes along with the need of relieving affliction, then you will grow and qualify for a higher blessing.  All underserved suffering is redeemable.

Kids, please respect, honor, and obey your parents, even if you feel that your parents are unworthy.  They gave you life, and that’s the greatest gift anyone can receive, no matter what circumstances surround that life.

Please believe in your destiny and purpose.  Your birth into the world is proof that there is something great in life for you to do.  Your challenge is to discover your gift, cultivate it, and serve humanity.  May God bless you in your quest!  To those that desire to excel in athletics, nothing replaces hard work and dedication.  You don’t need steroids and other illegal substances to excel.  You must be patient and continue to dream.  I know that with millions on the line in today’s sports industries the need to gain any advantage may appear to be irresistible, but the potential health risks are too great.  Alarmingly, the average life span among NFL Players is only 58 years of age.  Even something as harmless as Cortisone can be deadly.  Look at what happened to me.  The drug permanently damaged my hamstring and ended a great NFL future.  I was robbed of millions which could have changed my life and the people that I loved.  The serious side effects exposed me to diabetes and heart related illnesses.  My brothers and sisters, professional sports are businesses and you must always remember that you’re only as good as your last performance.